Oeuvres in situ / Anémochories | Vivien Roubaud
Palais de Tokyo

Playing with the outstanding dimensions of the Palier d'Honneur, Vivien Roubaud (born in 1986) creates a new installation, suspended in space.

He displays a material without thickness that is permanently and randomly reconfigured. 'The object seizes the space and uses it, it is literally resting on the hall's layer of air and its displacements don't seem to be driven by any rule.' Its spreading convokes contradictory forces that act on the material endowed with aerial properties. Qualified by the artist as "energized", the tarpaulin attached to the ceiling by invisible ropes floats above the space replaying  infinitely the hazardous and brief wandering of a piece of plastic carried by the wind on a construction site. The air streams crossing the space produce fluctuations that bring new possibilities to the deployment of the plastic veil.
Curator : Daria de Beauvais

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